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Unfiltered | November 14, 2016

(The store I work puts out lots of coupons and accepts competitor coupons within their parameters. The customer has a percent of fabric coupon from us and two coupons from a competitor that are fabric and sewing/quilting notions.)

Customer: “I want these two coupons for this paint and construction paper.”

Me: “Well, I am sorry ma’am but our coupon you have there is for fabric only.”

Customer starts yelling: “I am going to stop shopping here! Your company keeps changing their exclusions and I can’t keep up with it. You guys use to put out one item coupons all the item. I can’t stand this store. Fine here use (competitor) coupons.”

Me: “I am sorry ma’am I can’t use that one because….”

Customer interrupts and yells again: “I can’t stand this store! I can’t wait until (competitor) comes back! Fine I don’t want the paper.”

Me: “Ma’am, the coupon states that is for fabric. I can’t use a fabric coupon on a non-fabric item. We still put out many percent off one item coupons. In fact, there is a 40% on the website. Do you…”

Customer interrupts again: “I get all your coupons. What is my total?!”

(The kicker, I was going to help her get a couple of coupons for her items. Plus that competitor has been battling bankruptcy for years and has closed quite a few stores.)

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