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Unfiltered | November 11, 2016

I was waiting in line to buy a recharge voucher for my prepaid phone and overheard the woman in front of me complaining that her USB modem had damaged her computer. The young staff member looked about 17 and was completely out of his depth and she was becoming more irate.

Finally I intervened.

Me: “Ah, ma’am? From what you’ve told this man, it sounds like you have a BIOS issue. I’d recommend that you take the computer to an IT store and see if they can recover your data for you. I can however categorically state that this was not caused by the modem.”

Customer: “Really? OK, thanks!”

She then apologised to the salesman for her outburst and left.

Salesman: “Thanks mate, you really pulled my ass out of the fire!”

Me: “Well a $20 recharge card wouldn’t go astray.”

Salesman: “Sure.”

I would’ve understood if he’d declined but he just handed me the voucher. I hope he realises how much I appreciated it and how much milage I’ve got out of this story.