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Unfiltered | November 9, 2016

(It’s close to closing time at an Arby’s in a mall i work at. You might know the mall as Mall of America. The phone rings and its a customer placing an ORDER from a MALL’S Arby’s)

Caller: *clumsy voice* yeah let me have.. Uhhh, let me get.. *loud whisper* what do you guys want?… Yeah let me get three rueben sandwiches with large fries and large Mt dews.

Me: would that be all?

Caller: Yeah that’s all

Me:Ok your total comes down to [total]. Will you be paying over the phone or at the restaurant itself.

Caller: I’ll pay over there…

(About 10 minutes later a trashy looking family, including a fat mom, fat emo looking daughter and high-looking dad comes to the restaurant right as were closing)

Me: were you the guy over the phone?

Dad: yeah that’s me

Me: ok your total came to [total]

Dad: wait no i already paid.

Me: no, you said you wouldn’t pay with your credit card, you would pay here…

Dad: *getting annoyed* no I’m not retarded I payed with my debt card over the phone.

Mom: give us our damn sandwiches we already payed over the damn phone…

(Co worker who was standing beside the fryer finally walks over)

Co worker: we could check the receipt and see if you indeed payed or not.

Dad: *starts to get nervous* what are you talking about. just give us our f*cking sandwiches, man.

(We begin to check all the receipts from that day, taking our time as a way to mock them)

Dad: Hurry the hell up, man.

Me: ok here look. Nothing was payed. This says so.

Dad: Well the damn things lying, man.

Me: the “damn” thing doesn’t lie, sir

(Co worker has finally called the security. We explain the situation to him and the family finally WALKS with the damn sandwiches with smirks on their face.)