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Unfiltered | November 8, 2016

(Kid orders small hot coffee. It comes out to be $1.72. He gives me a 20 and I hand him change.)

Kid: “You know what? I’m gonna get an iced coffee instead. Does it cost any more?”

Me: Yeah, it’s an extra 65 cents. (Small iced coffee costs $2.37)

Kid: Yeah, I’m gonna get that and could you like put whipped cream on that? And could you put a little bit of caramel?

Me: Mhm.

(Kid gives me 65 cents. I tell him I have to void the transaction for the small hot coffee first, then ring him up for the small iced coffee, so the register isn’t over 65 cents. He nods. I ring up the small iced coffee.)

Kid: You’re supposed to give me $20 back.

Me: ….no. I thought you were going to pay the 65 cent difference.

Kid: “Yeah but I paid with $20. You need to give me that back.

Me: Well, you only owe 65 cents, since I took out the $1.72 from the 20 you gave me.

Kid: No, no, no, you’re doing that wrong. You make absolutely no sense. I CLEARLY paid with a 20, which is what you give back to me.

( I try explaining to him how it was going to work out, but he wouldn’t listen, and just said he didn’t want any drink, and kept saying how I made no sense and that he wants to see a manager.) (The manager wasn’t in, so I take a 20 out of the register, and take his $18.28 in change and put it back in the register, so he would shut up and get his way)

Kid: Now let’s try this again. (Wants his drink after all, and starts talking to me like I’m mentally challenged) I’m going to give you a twenty dollar bill, and then, I’m going to give you 37 cents.

Me: Okay, cool dude.

(Kid ends up giving an extra quarter in change, I give it back and tell him I have 37 cents now.) (I’m giving him $18 in change)

Kid: Now you give me $18 bac-”

Me: I know…. Sorry I’m not good at explaining things.

Kid: No, you were explaining yourself perfectly.

Me: (thinking) ??

(I explain once more what I was trying to do.)

Kid: “Oh okay. I’m sorry for all this.” (Ends up giving me a tip)

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