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Unfiltered | November 7, 2016

((Among other things, we also print t-shirts. The decals we use are in folders on a large shelving unit that the owner has decided to put out against a wall where the customers can easily reach them. There are 2 neon signs on this unit that both say “Please Do NOT Touch The Decals”. One is zip tied to the center of the rack at average eye height. The other is a 3-foot by 3-foot sign set on top of the rack.))

Me: *looks up and see’s 2 guys digging through the folders of decals* “Please do not touch the decals!”

Guy 1: *jerks back and suddenly sees the signs* “Oh sorry!”

Guy 2: *looks like I’ve just started screaming obscenities at him* “You have a horrible attitude! We’re taking our money ELSEWHERE!” *storms out of the store*