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Our office phone number is one digit off from another practitioner in town, so once in a while we get someone who misdials. It can be amazing how long it takes them to catch on since we always answer with our practice’s name.

Me: Thank you for calling The Eye Center, this is ——, how can I help you?

Man: Yes, I need to make an appointment

Me: Ok, have you been here before?

Man: No.

Me: All right, I’ll just get a little information then, what is your name and date of birth?

Man: <Gives name and date of birth>

Me: Ok, and do you have any vision or medical insurance?

Man: –why do you need my vision insurance?

Me: Umm–to check if you have routine coverage?

Man: Why would the dermatologist need that?!

Me: Oh, well this is The Eye Center, so we’re a, um, optometrist…

Man: <laughs sheepishly> Oh, ha ha, sorry.

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