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Unfiltered | November 1, 2016

(I’m a manager at my store, but as we’re a little short handed, today I am acting as a cashier. It’s part of the cashier’s job to greet everyone who comes into the store. Today, a customer wanders in. It’s a slow enough day that he’s the only person in the store.)

Me, loudly enough for my voice to carry: Hello! Welcome to [store]!

(The customer looks around the store, ignoring me, and then walks off, presumably because he knows what he’s looking for. My coworker passes him.)

Coworker: Hey, how’s it goin’, man?

(My coworker is ignored, and he tries again.)

Coworker: Err, is there anything I can help you find?

(The customer ignores my coworker, too. The coworker and I exchange glances, shrug, and go back to our work. Moments later, the customer comes marching up to my till. He throws an empty ink cartridge down on the counter.)

Customer: Aren’t there any SALES PEOPLE working here!? I need SOMEONE to show me where stuff is, because I want to BUY things! You know, make your store money!?

Coworker, sighing: Right this way, sir…