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Unfiltered | October 31, 2016

(there is a state law that does not allow smoking in any public place. Because of this law, we have fines for anybody caught smoking in their room. The following conversation occured after a guest was charged the fine).

FD: Thank you for calling (hotel name) how can I help you?

Guest: I just looked at my credit card statement and you guys charged me (fee).

FD: Okay, let me check on that for you. May I have your name?

Guest: (name)

FD: It looks like you were charged a fee for smoking in your room.

Guest: I did NOT smoke in my room. I don’t even smoke.

FD: Do any of the people you were traveling with smoke?


FD: Ma’am, we found a cigarette butt on the vanity

Guest: Well one of your housekeepers must have put it there! They must have smoked in the room! We didn’t smoke in the room! I don’t even smoke!

FD: Ma’am I assure you none of our staff smoked in your room. None of the employees in the hotel that day are smokers, and they wouldn’t smoke in a room if they were.

Guest: It had to be one of your housekeepers! I demand you refund this!

FD: Ma’am, it is against state law to smoke in a public building. We will not be refunding the fee.

Guest: This is outrageous! I don’t even smoke! You’ll hear from my lawyers! I’m going to sue you for all your worth!

(The guest hung up and we never did hear from her lawyers).