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Unfiltered | October 29, 2016

(I was working at a telemarketing agency that dealt with calling citizens in the United States on behalf of completely legitimate charities, asking if they could pledge for a donation. Needless to say, I got a chewed out over the phone frequently. This was during hour 5 on a grueling Monday shift. I didn’t even get a word in as soon as he picked up, and keep in mind, we call from a blocked number.)

Customer: Identify yourself.

Me (following script): Hello?

Customer: Identify yourself.

Me: Hi, is this [name on screen]?

Customer: Identify yourself!!

Me: Oh, I’m calling on behalf of [charity of the day], how are you today?

Customer: Sir, I am reporting you to the authorities for engaging in disinformation.

Me: Uhh….what?

Customer: Thrice, I asked you to identify yourself and you have failed to do so.

Me: Oh, uhh, my name-

Customer: I hope you find a good lawyer because as soon as I get ahold of mine, I will be taking legal action.

Me: I hope you and your lawyer have a great time, as you don’t have my name, number, or location.

Customer: ….NEVER CALL THIS NUMBER AGAIN, MOTHERF***ER! (slams phone)