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Unfiltered | October 27, 2016

( I work as a night shift security guard and have just gotten off work. I stopped at a gas station to grab a morning paper and am walking out when a middle aged man approaches me, looking somewhat anxious- It should be noted that I am law enforcement in the LOOSEST form of the word)

Man: Hey, I need you to help me, my wallet has just been stolen. You’ve got to write this up

Me: Oh…sir, actually, I’m not a police officer, I’m a security guard

Man: No, no, you’re law enforcement; it’s all the same thing. Quick, write this up, the guy was-

Me: (interrupting) Sir, I’m NOT police. If I was, my badge wouldn’t be embroidered onto my uniform and my shirt wouldn’t be jet black, it’d be blue. (the cops in our area wear blue uniforms)

Man: Don’t get smart with me, just do as I ask! There are important cards in my wallet!

Me: I can’t, sir, I’m Not. A. Police. Officer (growing irritated at this point since he keeps sidestepping my attempts to leave)

Man: If you don’t do as I say, I’ll call your supervisor and have you fired! How’s that?

Me: (cheerfully) Sure, go ahead. Have a nice day, sir.

(I walk away and as I’m leaving, he whips out his cell phone, presumably to call my ‘boss’. One, the police will have no idea who the rogue officer in black is, and two, even if he called the employment agency I’m with, what the heck would THEY do about it? I only wish I could’ve seen his face when he found out)