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Unfiltered | October 24, 2016

(I work at a 24/7 restaurant and so running out of things happens more often than we’d like, tonight we had run out of hard boiled eggs which isn’t a problem because they’re just used for garnish)

Customer: Where is your chef’s salad?

Server: I’m sorry sir, it has a different name here, its called the american salad.

Customer: But I don’t want the american salad, I want the chef’s salad.

Server: (realizes that he’s not going to get anywhere and promises that they can make that)

Me: (I’m the chef and the ticket I was given for this was absolutely bonkers but it’s what the customer wanted) Oh! [Server’s Name] We don’ have any eggs left for the salad.

Server: I’ll go see if he’s okay with that. (he goes to the customer) I’m sorry, we seem to be out of eggs, is it okay if the salad goes without?

Customer: No! I need the boiled eggs on that salad!

Server: To hard boil more eggs is going to be an extra fifteen minutes or so.

Customer: Fine! Fine!

Server: (to me) Just do what you can.

(the man ended up complaining that the chef’s salad wasn’t right and I went over to talk to him)

Me: Sir, you ordered the chef’s salad yes?

Customer: Yes! And you did it wrong!

Me: You gave us the exact things you wanted on it.

Customer: Yeah but… (he mumbled