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Unfiltered | October 22, 2016

(I’m a girl in a video game store. I’m fixing a small preorder issue, when a man in his 20’s walks in. He sees me and storms over to the counter next to me.)

Customer: Excuse me!

Cashier: One minute, sir. I’m helping her.

Customer: That’s the problem, sir, she’s gonna steal stuff.

Cashier: Uhm….excuse me?

Customer: She’s just here to steal stuff and resell it, girls don’t play games!

Me: Hey, you a**hat, f*** off. I play more games than your a** would bet.

Customer: See?! She’s some thug here to steal whatever she can!

Cashier *to me* Fixed the problem, you have [amount] towards Pokemon. *to the man* Sir, please leave this girl alone.

Customer: She probably brought in stolen games to pay for that! She’ll sell it online for twice as much!

Cashier: I doubt it. She’s battled me and kicked my butt more than I’m willing to admit. Unless she’s running an illegal side business, she’s a legit gamer.


Me: Sir, what proof do you have that says that girls don’t play video games?

Customer: Well…I…uh…the main character is never a girl!

Me: Bulls***. And just because games don’t have chicks in them doesn’t mean we can’t like them.

Customer: You’re a liar!

Cashier: Please leave.

Customer: What?! Kick the thief out!

Cashier: She’s a regular. She spends legit money on stuff here. You’re just causing trouble. Get out of the store.

(The customer finally leaves, but complains the entire way. After the door closes, I start laughing.)

Me: Wish he knew better.

Cashier: Yeah…I’m gonna get the rest of your preorder paid off. Here’s the reservation slip.