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Unfiltered | October 16, 2016

I’m working at a chocolate shop that has some wall displays of chocolate bars that have a tendency to tip over if customers aren’t careful. One evening, a man comes in, along with another young man who has Downs’ Syndrome. It’s obvious the first man is a caretaker for the latter. I greet them both, and ask if there is anything I can help them find.

Young man: “Raspberry chocolate?”

Me: “Yes! We have raspberry truffles, and we also have raspberry filled chocolate bars. Would you like either of those?”

Caretaker: “He’d rather have a bar.”

Me: “Sure, they’re right over here on the bar wall. Let me know if you need a hand reaching anything.”

I walk away to give the two of them some space to make a selection. I see the younger man reaching for one of the higher displays of bars, straining on his tip toes, so I quickly head over.

Me: “Here, let me help you with that! These displays tend to be extra tippy. People knock them down all the time…”

Caretaker: “No! Let him do it….It’s funny to watch him try.”

I’m too aghast to respond. The young man reaches the bar that he wanted, but as I expected, a whole row of bars goes crashing to the floor.

Caretaker, bursting into laughter: “See? I told you it was funny! He’s such an idiot!”