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Unfiltered | October 15, 2016

We’re a store who buy second hand games and consoles.

I’m a girl and fairly new to the shop with colleagues who’ve worked here since their childhood and know a lot of the customers.

Customer calls, I pick up the phone since I’m working there alone that day.

Me: how can I help you?

Customer: Can I get <insert name of male colleague here> on the phone?

Me: I’m sorry, he isn’t here today, what can I do for you?

customer: Ok then give me <insert name of male ex employee here>

Me: I’m sorry, but he doesn’t work here anymore, I’m sure I can help you though.

customer: ffs when is the other guy back, I wanna know what my xbox is worth !

Me: He’s here tomorrow, but depending on the model of your xbox, I can tell you the price if you sell it to us.

Customer; I don’t know, the other guy knows it.

Me: I’m sure I can help you out if you can pass by the shop or explain to me on the phone.

customer: No ! I’ll come back tomorrow when the other guy is there !

Customer comes in with used Xbox 360, we’re fairly strict as we already have an overload of used xboxes in stock.

Me: Oh hi, this is the slim model, I can take that from you for about 70 euro in store credit or 1/4th less in cash if it’s in a good state.

~ I check the xbox and it has quite soms scratches and looks really used ~ I tell the customer that I’m sorry but that I can’t buy his console from him because it’s a bit damaged.

He then starts throwing a bitch fit and almost made me cry by calling me names and a huge line of other customers is piling up behind him.

Customer: I’ll show my xbox to the other guy who works here, I’m sure he’ll buy it !

me: Okay sure, I just really can’t buy it from you because I love my job and I won’t take any risks.

Customer to his girlfriend: Give her the games!

His girlfriend throws the games on my counter like I’m some kind of slave.

I give him store credit for his games and he asks me about a used playstation.

I explain the price and the warranty and he starts again about his xbox that the playstation has the same amount of scratches ( on the bottom and only one )

I tell him that I’m not forcing him to buy it and he leaves.

The customers in line tell me how I shouldn’t feel bad and make me feel a bit better and then, a half hour later he comes back and buys the used playstation 3 and leaves without saying a word.

the next day it was my day off but I figured he’d be back, so the day after that I was working together with my colleague and told him about it. He replied to me that the customer came back, didn’t tell him about the situation and that he accepted the xbox because “He knows the guy” but if he would’ve know he would have told him the same thing because the xbox was indeed quite damaged.

the customer came back in a few days later when I was around and told me “see you he would accept me xbox?”

I told the customer “Yes, but only because he knows you, I talked to him and he told me, that he told you the same thing I did and that usually we wouldn’t accept xboxes like that!”

Ever since that situation he has been really friendly to me though.