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Unfiltered | October 18, 2016

This happened just before Christmas when the shop was full and we were working flat out.

My (male) colleague and I (female) are working in a small department, he is on the till and I enter the room carrying a large pile of books.

Customer; “It’s busy isn’t it?”

Me; “Yes, very! Can I help you find anything?”

Customer: “No, I just want to watch you work, you wh_ore!”

Colleague appears at my side.

Customer: “What do you think you’re doing, getting your woman to do the work?”

Colleage: “Excuse me, you can’t talk like that!”

Customer: “What do you think you are, you’re just a c_nt!”

Me: “Right that’s enough. You are leaving NOW. I’ll show you out”

I have to walk through the store and open the main door with the customer who is mouthing off the whole time. As I open the door for him to leave I notice that because of his loud swearing the shop has gone quiet to watch. I make a point of closing the door after him and start to walk away while everyone is looking at me. Then I look back through the doors to see if he has gone and all

I can see is his hand poked through the door, giving me the finger!

I couldn’t stop laughing, unfortunately my sensitive colleague took a while to see the funny side.