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Unfiltered | October 10, 2016

At our store, you get fuel points when you use your store card to buy groceries. If you don’t have the card with you, you can tell the cashier your phone number. In line are two customers- an older lady, another lady- and an employee.

Me: *to Customer 1* Hello.

Customer 1: I need [amount] on [pump].

Me: *rings up* Do you have your [store card]?

Customer 1: [phone number].

Me: That’s [repeats last four digits to clarify]?

Customer 1: *explodes* YES! *turns to customer 2 * THESE PEOPLE NEVER LISTEN!

Customer 2: *stares at her, then looks at me with her eyebrows raised.*

Customer 1 storms off.

Customer 2: *leans in and asks quietly* Are you okay?

Me:* trembling* …I think so. Thank you.

I finish Customer 2. Employee approaches.

Me: *tries to perk back up* Hi, [Employee]!

Employee: *Looks over as Customer 1 leaves* Something’s wrong with her…

Me: *laughs*