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Unfiltered | October 13, 2016

The phone rings

Me: “Hello, [name of business].”

Customer(woman): “Hello! Do you have detox liquid there?”

Me : shocked “Um…detox liquid?”

Customer: “yes ma’am. ”

Me: “Um, no ma’am we don’t. Do you…do you need an ambulance?”

Customer:”oh no, honey, is this the place with the sex machines?”

Me:”….wh-…excuse me?”

Customer:”sex machines dear. Are you the one with those in the back?”

I am speechless, holding on to the receiver like my life depended on it, debating whether or not I was having auditory hallucinations.

Customer:”hello? Ma’am?”

Me:”Right, um, ma’am, I’m not quite sure of the place that you are looking for, but this is not it…”

Customer: oh you’re not off route 18?

Me: No ma’am…

Customer: oh well, thank you!


Me: what…the **** was THAT?!

*i need a raise*