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Unfiltered | October 8, 2016

(A customer approaches to my coworker who is stocking the baby aisle. The customer is looking for a baby shampoo of a particular brand. My store does not carry the shampoo by itself. However, we have the baby wash which can be used as both body wash and shampoo, but the product doesn’t indicate it. Note: the customer is pregnant, but is not noticeable yet.)

Customer: *Holding the baby wash* Hi! I was wondering if you carry the shampoo of this particular brand?

Coworker: No ma’am, we only carry the baby wash on this brand.

Customer: Is it okay, to use this as shampoo?

Coworker: *Not certain* I’m not 100% sure, but I’ll find out for you. By the way, does the baby has hair?

Customer: *With excitement* I don’t know it’s still inside my belly!

Coworker: *Trying to not laugh* Then it should be okay.

Customer: Awesome! Thank you so much for your help.

The customer pays for the product and leaves. After all, my coworker and I burst of laugh.

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