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Unfiltered | October 2, 2016

(I work at a third party call center dealing with customers and their insurance. We are only able to search a customer in this particular program using their policy number. If they don’t have that available, we have to transfer them to an agent who can get it for them. I’ve already offered to transfer this customer, but she is being difficult. The customer has not given me any information other than her reason for calling.)

Customer: Can’t you just search the policy using my name?

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but i can only search using your policy number. I could definitely transfer you to customer service to get that policy number.

Customer: Well…of course you can’t search through my name! I never gave you my name!

Me:…No, ma’am, even if i had your name, my system does not allow me to look up your policy without the policy number itself.

Customer: Oh…ok, you can transfer me now.