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Unfiltered | September 28, 2016

I was a collage student and worked night shift on a Chinese bistro. One day I paired with one of the most smart*ass student in my class. She is also happen to have a pretty oriental look.

This have happened when she was sit behind counter after my manager let her. So we could discuss about our project when I was working.

Customer 1: Excuse me miss? May I have more beer?

I am a male, so obviously this customer talk to my friend. She not even wear our uniform.

My Friend: *with a super straight look* I’m not working here.

Customer 1: Oh, sorry, but they really should hire a looker like you.

Not even a minute after another customer, kinda drunk, asking for beverage to my friend again

Customer 2: Wow, pretty lady, may I have another vodka!

My Friend: I’m not working here

Customer 2: But you can pour me a vodka *wink to my friend*

Me: I’m sorry sir, but my friend here is not an employee *pour him vodka*, here your vodka sir.

She then put a paper taped in her forehead written ‘NOT AN EMPLOYEE’. I did’t know what is sillier, her idea or facts that customers kept coming back and asking things from her.

This are several responses:
Customer 3: I read ‘I’m working here’

Customer 4: But she is chinese! She must be work here!

Customer 5: Damn! Working here or not, just give me my f’cking drink!

(Not longer after that she happened to interviewed live by out university broadcasting club, she answered this when asked where would she work to after graduate: ‘*with straight face* Obviously not at service area. I can handle children with autism, I already worked with some children on street cases, but none of them making me pissed more than normal stupidity happen in service area. Respect to [my name] that work with them all the time’)