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Unfiltered | September 22, 2016

I was a cashier at a major retailer when the following happened.

A woman came to my register with a large grocery order. We were sharing niceties and general chatter until a large package of frozen chicken didn’t scan.

I asked her the cost and she was unable to recall. She then proceeded to inform me that since it didn’t scan it was free (with a straight face) she said it was a “guarantee” the snammer manufacture made when they first came out and I was “just to young to have heard or know of it”. I assured her that I was well aware of the company I worked does policy’s pertaining to items that didn’t scan. She continued to explain that it was the “scanner guarantee” and that I was just “to young to know” (I was in my early 20’s and this was in the early 2000’s) so I got my manager who unfortunately was not much older than me and she got the same treatment I did about being to young and that there was in fact a guarantee that if the scanner did not scan an item it in fact would be free.

I ended up calling an associate to price check the item and she paid full price despite being upset. She wanted recompense for her troubles and I told her to find said “scanner company” and take it up with them.