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Unfiltered | September 20, 2016

(A woman returns her second brand new inkjet printer to customer service)

Customers : “This is the second brand new printer I’ve bought and it wont print, same as the first.”

Me: “No problem miss. That is very rare with these printers, do you mind if I take a look?”

(I open the box and start to pull out the printer, to check all the parts are present.)

Customer: “I’m not an idiot, I know how to connect and use a printer. Just get me a new one right now.” (she said loudly)

(I call a sales associate to pull a new one from stock, then proceed to pull the returned printer out of the box. I identify the issue immediately.)

Me: “Miss, may I please show you a step you may have overlooked?”

(I flip open the lid to expose the in catridge she had installed, and showed her how to remove the metal foil from the cartridge she obviously failed to remove for the second time.)