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(I work for a shoe store and sometimes I have to work by myself in a clearance center where every shoe is on display by size.)

Mean Customer: “Can I have the right foot to this shoe?” *shows me a green loafer in size 8.5*

Me: *I go get her the mate and have her try on the pair*

Nice Customer: “Can I also try that shoe on in 8.5?”

Me: “I don’t think we have another pair, we usually only have one, but let me go see in the back.”

(I go to the back and sure enough, there is another 8.5 not being tried on and that was not on display.)

Me: “Here you go!” *hands her the second pair*

Mean Customer: “This pair is too narrow for me!”

Me: “That’s because they haven’t been tried on. The leather has not stretched yet.”

Mean Customer: “Leather doesn’t stretch!” *takes off the shoes and puts them on the chair beside her*

Me: “Yes it does. The proof was just on your feet.”

Nice Customer: *listening to what me and the mean customer were saying* “This pair is actually too wide for me.”

Other Customer: *who was browsing before* “Can I try those too, in 7.5?”

Me: “Sure!”

(I go to the back and get her the 7.5’s. I come to the front, and give her the shoes. Both mean and nice customers are still sitting in their seats. It dawns on me to switch the pair so that the pair that was too wide would hopefully fit the mean customer better and vice versa. I pick up the pair on the seat, that the mean customer tried and hand them to the nice customer.)

Me: “Here, try these!” *handing her the narrower pair and taking the wider pair to give to the mean customer* “And I’ll give the other lady the ones you tried, that were too wide for you.” *I pick up the pair the nice customer tried on and was about to hand them to the mean customer*

Mean Customer: “I don’t like what you just did!”

Me: “What?”

Mean Customer: “You just took my shoes!”

Me: “No ma’am, I just gave you a different pair that will hopefully fit you and vice versa. They were not yours and you no longer had them on your feet.”

Mean Customer: *gets up and grabs her purse* “I REALLY don’t like what you did! VERY poor service, stealing my shoes!”

Me, Nice Customer and Other Customer: “Those are NOT your shoes! Come back!”

Nice Customer: “She’s trying to help us! And you’re walking away!”

(The mean customer leaves the store.)

Other Customer: “Wow, that was awful!”

Me: “Well… now.” *to the Nice Customer* “You’ve got two sizes to choose from!”

(The other customer bought the 7.5’s and the nice customer bought the narrower 8.5’s the mean customer tried on. A week later I was back in the Clearance center and the Mean Customer comes back. I greet her and within 30 seconds she books it out of the store.)