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(I’m the customer in this story. A while back I had briefly looked at a book on the ‘New Fiction’ wall in a bookstore and decided I didn’t really want to get it. Fast forward a few months (Middle of 2013) and I couldn’t get that book out of my mind. So I went to the bookstore in search of it and had to ask one of the cashiers for help.)

Me: Okay, so I have possibly an impossible question.

Cashier: Alright. Well shoot and I’ll see if I can help you out.

Me: Okay. A while ago I came in and saw a book but the thing is I can’t remember what the name was, who it was by, or what it looked like. All I know is that it was on the ‘New Fiction’ wall and it was about a cat.

Cashier: Hmm. Yeah that’s tough. Well, do you know when you saw it? I can search up keywords in the computer but a date would be more helpful.

Me: I feel so bad. I have no idea when I saw it. A few months ago, maybe? Definitely before September last year.

Cashier: Umm. Okay. Let’s try Looking up from January 2013 to now and put a few keywords in. Let’s go with cats and fiction…. Alright it looks like we’ve got 12 books that came up.

Me: Well that’s a lot less than I had thought would come up.

Cashier: (after cancelling out 10 books that were about cat training and behavior) How about this one? [Book name] is about a cat who used to live with a lady but one day the lady never returned. Instead her daughter came and picked her up along with packing up all her mothers belongings and now the cat has to try and fit in to her new lifestyle.

Me: Wow. Yes, that’s it. You are wonderful. Thank you so much.

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