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(I work at a place where we allow people to have free peanuts as they wait for their food and we do not mind it if shells are on the ground, though they are the worst to clean up. Even though I normally work in the back washing dishes I got sent out to work on the lobby- wash tables, sweep floors, refill the soda machine, ect. It was extremely busy and not only was I on a job I had never done for this place, I was doing so alone on an evaluation day.)

Me: *Rushing from table to table to clean them*

(There was already a large pile of shells next to a woman but I tried to ignore it.)

Customer: *Has stopped mid motion of pushing off the shells when I start to clean the table beside her*

(As I work I try to keep a lightened demeanor so when I looked up and the woman was smiling at me I quickly smiled back.)

Customer: *Looks me in the eyes and keeps smiling* I going to leave these riiiight here for you. *Pushes the large handful of shells onto the pile*

Me: *Having to force the smile* …Alright.

(Luckily for me nothing can be heard from the back when the doors are shut so I walked back and just yelled for a moment before having to explain to my coworkers what went on.)

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