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Unfiltered | September 8, 2016

(I’m working at a popular fast food restaurant when an annoying regular reaches the drive-through window. I hand her the small coffee she ordered.)

Customer: “This doesn’t feel very hot!”

(She’s holding her hands around it, feeling the temperature.)

Me: “The only way it wouldn’t be hot, is if it wasn’t on the burner, ma’am.”

(She’s still feeling it.)

Customer: “It doesn’t feel hot.”

Me: *annoyed* “Here, let me see.”

(I proceed to dump the coffee on my bare hands and into our fountain drink drain. I wince as it’s very hot.)

Me: *wincing* “Yup, it was hot, but I’ll still make you a fresh pot!”

(The customer stares in shock and pulls ahead to wait for her “hot” coffee.)