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Unfiltered | September 4, 2016

(I work in a well known coffee chain in the East Bay, and have been on register all day. It’s nearing the end of my shift when a middle aged man comes in and orders a coffee.)

Me: Okay, that’ll be (total).

Customer: *hands me a handful of change and spaces out*

(I take a look at the pile he’s handed me, and find that he’s given me a Canadian five cent coin.)

Me: Sir? Do you have another nickel? This is a Canadian coin.

Customer: It’s five cents.

Me: Yes, but it’s from another country – it isn’t U.S currency.

Customer: (getting indignant) But it’s a nickel!

(At this point I pause, realizing that total politeness just isn’t going to cut it.)

Me: …yes, but this nickel is still from Canada. We can’t take Canadian money here.

Customer:…oh. (hands me a nickel and walks out)

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