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Unfiltered | September 2, 2016

Okay here it goes:

(so it’s like around the 5 o’clock rush for all you deli workers who know what i’m talking about. Lady comes up and asks for ham that has the coupon)

Me: “Sorry Ma’am but that sale doesn’t start until next week which is tomorrow (Sunday since it was Saturday at the time), but if you come back tomorrow it will be.”

Customer: “Well the sales have always started on Saturday so i can’t believe they changed that.”

Me: “Ma’am the week always has started on Sunday for like the past 500 years or so.”

Customer: “No it’s always been on today”

(the assistant manager walks over and rolls her eyes)

Manager: “Not in the 15 years have i worked her have i ever seen the beginning of a week be Saturday”

(lady walks away all huffing and puffing, i just turn to the manager and am like:)

Me: “Why are our customers so stupid?”

Manager: “Cause it’s Shoprite.”

Amen. and to all you customers just because you’re blatantly wrong please don’t argue to make yourselves seem right. cause then you’re just stupid.