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Unfiltered | September 1, 2016

(I work for a company that takes the web chats for another company. I am on the sales side, but these people constantly come in thinking we are Customer Service, even though it clearly says SALES CHAT on the website.)

So I am at my desk in the ol’ cube farm, I am on three chats right now and one of them suddenly falls off. Then I get this guy who comes into my third chat slot…

Guy: Hi!

Me: HI! My Name is ********. (Blah blah blah, standard corporate mumbo jumbo), What are we buying today?

Guy: I have this phone I want to bring over to (Company) from (Competitor).

Me: Great! Is it a (Company) phone?

Guy: No it is a (Competitor).

Me: I do apologize but that is not possible as (basically told him in the nicest and most professional way possible that his phone sucked and the company he had it with sucked so his sucky phone was not compatible).

Guy: Huh. That’s funny. The guy at the (other competitor that is not even his service provider) store told me I could. Oh well, never mind. *click*



So you go to a company that is the competition to your service provider, to ask them if your companies’ phone can be used on our network???


YOU sir take the cake for moron of the freaking YEAR!!!

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