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Unfiltered | August 23, 2016

(I’m currently serving a couple when a disheveled man enters the store. My coworker goes out to serve him)

Coworker: Hi there, welcome to [store], what can I get for you?

Customer: I’ll have a footlong chicken fillet on white.

Coworker: Sorry mate, we’re out of white bread. Any other type of bread appeal?

Customer: F***** [racist slur], I said white bread.

Coworker: *getting irate* I already told you mate, we’re out of white bread.

Customer: You’re just being a [racist slur] because I’m [race] aren’t you? F*** you!

(By now I’ve finished serving the previous customers who look a little nervous. My coworker storms out to the back area and the irate customer continues to mutter threats and slurs under his breath. I just want this customer gone, so I go to serve. Both my coworker and I are the same race)

Me: Sorry for the wait, what can I get you?

Customer: About time. I want a footlong chicken fillet on white.

Me: *opening bread cabinet* I’m sorry, but we’ve run out of white bread, it’s been popular tonight. I still have wheat and herb and cheese though.

Customer: *much more calmly* Oh okay. I’ll have the herb and cheese bread.

Me: No problem. Would you like that toasted tonight?

Customer: *aggressively* F*** you! [Racist slur]! *storms out of store*