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Unfiltered | August 21, 2016

(I’m a cashier and have worked this job for 3 years so I know how the store works. Normally the clerk working the service desk is responsible for answering the phone but sometimes when I’m not busy I’ll answer to help them out. This particular day I answer and have the following conversation with a man on the other end.)

Me: (Mall name, store name) This is (my name).

Man: Hi, could you get me Je–

(I’m unable to tell if he said “Jess” or “Jeff.” There is a Jess who works in our produce department and a Jeff who works in grocery so I decide to ask which he meant.”

Me: Sorry, did you say “Jess” or “Jeff”?

Man: Je–, with a J!

(I’m still not sure what he said but it sounded a little more like “Jess” this time so I try a different approach.)

Me: Jess in produce?

Man: Yes!

Me: Alright, One moment.

(I put him on hold and page for Jess. Then I have a good laugh about it.)