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Unfiltered | August 14, 2016

(Note: I am making beverages for the drive thru wearing a headset when this happens).

Customer (over drive thru speaker): I would like a large coffee half hot chocolate with two cream please.

Coworker 1 (who also happens to be the only supervisor present at that time.) : Okay, that will be $1.90, if everything is correct on the screen please drive through.

Customer: No! That price is wrong. I get this exact drink every day and it is only $1.65.

Coworker: I am sorry ma’am but we are required to charge the price for the hot chocolate which is more expensive than the coffee. I assure you that the price is correct.

Customer: No! You are Wrong! I buy this drink every day and I always pay $1.65. You are WRONG! I want to speak to your manager.

Coworker: Okay ma’am I will see what I can do. (She goes to the back of the store to see if the manager or other supervisor have returned from taking product to another store. The Coworker 2 who has been on window has not heard what the customer was saying over the speaker box.) Coworker 2: Hi, That will be a $1.90 please.

Customer: No! No! No! It is a $1.65!

Coworker 2: Oh, I’m sorry. Did you not order a Large Half Coffee Half Hot Chocolate with two cream?

Customer: Yes but it is only a $1.65.

Coworker 2: I am sorry ma’am but the price is correct.

Customer: I buy this exact same drink at another location every day and it is $1.65! YOU ARE WRONG!

Coworker 1 returns and explains again how the drink is rung in : A large hot chocolate is a $1. 90. A medium hot chocolate is a $1.65.

Customer: No! I get a large for $1.65!

(At this point another coworker has taken the next order fr drive thru which includes several hot and cold drinks. I make the cold drinks for the and return the hot drink station by the window just as the woman drives away screaming)


Me to Coworker 2: What just happened?

Coworker 2: I have no idea. Apparently charging her the correct price is a terrible mistake. I don’t know where she is going to get that drink for a $1.65 but it certainly isn’t right.

(The next customer arrives at the window) Customer 2: What the h*** was her problem?

Coworker 2 explains what the woman was screaming about while she helps me mark the lids of the hot drinks.

Customer 2: Wow. Sounds like SHE was the terrible mistake.

Me to coworker quietly: He gets a smiley face on his cup.

(The customer laughed when he saw the smiley face and gave us a great tip. When the manager and other supervisor returned we explained what had happened. They were just as confused as we were. The phrase “terrible mistake” has since become a running joke at our location.)