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Unfiltered | August 12, 2016

(It’s been a long day, and one of my employees accidently enters the wrong cash amount when helping a customer)

Employee: Hey (my name) what is 103 minus 52.99?

Me: (My brain freezes right then, so I use my phone to do the math) 50.01

Employee: Thanks.

Customer: Ugh, this generation can’t do anything. They even need phones to do their math.

Me: Excuse me?

Customer: You heard me.

Me: Sir, how do you do your taxes?

Customer: Well I have a tax agent do them.

Me: So what you’re saying to me is you can’t do the math in your head to do your taxes?

Customer *fluster* Well.. well, this was simple math, you should be able to do that in your head.

Me: Okay, then. What is 18 minus 62?

Customer: … um, it’s… *pauses for around 2 minutes* it’s 44!

Me: Wrong, it’s actually -44 since you are removing 62 from 18, not 18 from 62. A calulator would tell you this.

Customer: Well… whatever.

Me: Have a nice day sir.