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Unfiltered | August 10, 2016

I’m with my husband at a busy restaurant for dinner. We’ve just sat down, and the waitress is just greeting us.

Waitress: Hi, my name is [her name]. Can I get you started with something to drink? We have Coke products, raspberry lemonade, peach tea…

Me: I’ll just have water, thanks.

Waitress: Do you want lemon with that?

Me: No, no thank you.

Waitress: Okay then. *turns to my husband* And for you?

Husband: Uh, do you guys have any lemonade?

Waitress: Yes, we have raspberry lemonade.

Husband: Okay, I’ll have that.

*as the waitress walks away, I finally facepalm*

Me: You know she told us there was lemonade right away, right?

Husband: No, she just said they had tea!

Me: *shaking my head* No… she said there was raspberry LEMONADE, and peach TEA.

Husband: … Oh…