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Unfiltered | August 1, 2016

I have very long, curly, dark red hair (think Debra Messing in Will and Grace with longer hair). I’m helping at my parent’s book store. A lady in her 30s comes in several times over a week, always looking for me. She is slightly odd and spends a lot of time just staring at me from across the shop. She comes in again on a Sunday when it is quiet and asks for me. My dad tells her that I’m busy and he will help but she says she’ll look for herself. I’m stocking some shelves and standing on a boost step when I feel a tug on my hair.

Me: Can I help you?

Customer: No thanks. Your hair is so pretty. Do you curl and colour it?

Me: No this is natural.

(The customer steps up to me and tries to touch my hair)

Me (unable to move as I’m still on the step): I’m sorry but I’d prefer it if you didn’t touch me.

Customer: That’s ok. I have this!

(She then holds up a lock of my hair that must be nearly 2ft long)

Me: What the hell? Dad!

(My dad comes over and sees me standing there looking horrified and the customer standing there with a handful of my hair)

My dad: What’s going on?

Me: She cut my hair!

My dad: Get out of my shop.

Customer: Can I keep the hair?

Me: No! Give it back to me.

Customer: I should’ve known you’d be horrible. Let me keep it and I can show my hair dresser what I want.

My dad: That’s it! I’m calling the police.

(My dad steps aside to call the police)

Customer: I hate you all. If I can’t have your hair then I don’t want mine either.

She then brought out a massive pair of upholstery scissors from her bag and chopped off the right side and slightly to the back of her own shoulder length hair she then turned and ran out the shop leaving my hair and hers on the floor.