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Unfiltered | July 30, 2016

(This was during my 8 year career of going from a fro-yo jockey to manager. The store I worked built its name on a claim they had “the best” frozen “yogurt” in the “country.” It is nearly impossible to walk into this store and not know what we’re selling)

(Customer enters. I’m behind the counter)

Me: Welcome. How are you today?

Customer: I’m good. Do you have any “vanilla yogurt-type product?”

(I did a double take. It wasn’t that he asked for vanilla, because there were rotating flavors in addition to the staple flavors. His inflection wasn’t on vanilla, his inflection was on yogurt-type. I wanted to tell him no, but we had vanilla asparagus-type product. Of course, I said nothing, helped him with his order, and sent him on his way. Just one of the gems from those 8 years)

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