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Unfiltered | July 25, 2016

(I walk into a popular sandwich chain restaurant to get some dinner. It’s around 8:30 at night and there are 3 people in line in front of me and only one girl working tonight. I used to work for this company myself, but at a different location, so I am very patient) Rude Customer Ahead of Me: “This is FUCKING ridiculous. I have been waiting in line for 30 FUCKING minutes.”
Nice Customer In Front of him: “Hey man, cool it. She’s doing her job just fine. You haven’t been here for 30 minutes.”

Rude man: “Well this wait is fucking ridiculous! It’s not her fault its her stupid fucking managers fault for putting a new girl by herself on a busy night. This is bullshit service!”

(The girl is clearly not new, just a little slow, considering she’s working alone and can’t take care of everyone at once)

Me: (absolutely fuming, I can’t stand when people don’t have sympathy for those of us who work in customer service) “Sir, have you ever worked in customer service?”

Rude Man: “YEAH I actually used to MANAGE a [Name of Sandwich Company we are at].”

Me: “Oh yeah when was that?”

Rude man: “A while back”

Me: (suspects he’s lying with that vague of an answer) “Okay, I used to work at [Name of Company] too. Can You tell me how much and what kind of meat goes on a [Name of popular sandwich on menu]?”

Rude man: (stammers) “Uh… I don’t have to answer that!”

(I challenged him a few more simple questions that anyone who managed the store would know. He couldn’t answer a single one and was eventually shamed out of the store by other customers)