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Unfiltered | July 24, 2016

(Whenever we get salmon cutlets delivered, they come with a salmon head as well. For some reason, it was sold at the same price as the cutlets, by weight and fairly expensive.)

Customer: “How much for the salmon head?”

Me: “It’s the same price as the cutlets, I’m afraid.”

Customer: “Oh, no.. I came in last week and bought it for $5.”

Me: *confused* “To my knowledge we’ve never sold it for that price. It doesn’t seem fair though does it?.”

Customer: *super sad face* “Are you sure?”

Me: “Really sorry about that.”

(I asked a coworker if anyone has sold the head cheaper before, and found out that the woman had come in every week for the past few weeks saying the same thing. She continued to do so for about three months, needless to say I was less sympathetic each time. The weird part was, about a month after she stopped visiting, a new price came out for the salmon head which worked out to be almost what she was asking for.)

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