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Unfiltered | July 23, 2016

[On the phone]

Me: “[Pizza Place], how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, do you have any specials?”

Me: “Yes we do, would you please hold?”

Customer [seemingly offended]: “Uhh, o-kay.”

I return within 15 seconds and pick up the phone: “Sorry about the wait ma’am, I had a customer waiting for his pizza. Our weekly special is any calzone for $2.99, our daily special is a medium pepperoni for $4.99, and our monthly special is any large specia-”

Customer: “Could I just get the medium pepperoni?”

Me: “Sure, just one?”


“Just one?”


“How many of those would you like?”

“Oh, just one.”

“…Okay, may I have a first name?”

[she muffles the phone and says something in apparent frustration to someone else]

Customer: “JUST. ONE.”

Me: *sigh*