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(I work at a “members-only” Warehouse club, and our company places the Membership/Returns desk near the exit, not the entrance. I work at the One Hour Photo lab that sits where new members expect customer service counters to be. We were busy and had a line.)

Customer: I need to return these pants.

Me: Sorry, sir, this is the photo lab, If you go back out the entrance and in through the exit door, there the folks at the membership counter will be happy to help you with that.

Customer: What the Hell! I just waited in line for like 10 minutes, and when I get the the front you tell me I have to go somewhere else?!

(my supervisor stops what she was doing and drifts over to the counter prepared to offer backup)

Me: Yes, I’m sorry sir, we cannot process returns here at the photo lab. All returns are handled by the staff at Membership.

Customer: Why did they put the damn photo counter by the door?

Me: So you can drop off your order as you begin shopping and have it ready by the time you’re done.

Customer: Pretty damned retarded if you ask me. They should at least put up a sign!

(As if it had been rehersed, my supervisor and I look at each other for a moment of disbelief, then back up and behind us at the 3 foot tall letters spelling out “ONE HOUR PHOTO” and then back at the customer.)

Customer: You know what? fuck you. *storms off*

Me: No thanks, you’re not my type.

(The line of customers were stunned)

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