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(english is not my first language and I don’t know the terms in english, so i am sorry if something is wrong) (I worked on my uncle cellphone store when I was 14 and I stayed at the credit part for prepaid cellphones when there was no one at the store, the this old woman who had about 50 comes in) Costumer:Hello i’d like to add credits to my cellphone Me:alright what is your cellphone number Costumer:It’s 1111-1123(we only have 8 number on phones) (do the whole credit thing and comfirm her number) Me:Alright, is your cellphone number 1111-1123 Costumer:What, No! It is 1111-1132 (Cancel and do the whole thing again) Me:Your number is 1111-1123?

Costumer:No, it is 1111-1123

(she keep changing the last 2 numbers order more 3 times before my uncle come to my side) Costume:Excuse me, are you the manager?

Manager:Yes I am, what is the problem?

Costumer:This little brat keep changing my phone number Manager:Would you like me to add the credits?


(do the whole thing and she leaves, and my uncle looks at me) Manager:What an asshole

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