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(I work in a really posh town, and most of our customers are posh, upper class people. Most are real nice and friendly but some try to act posher then they actually are and treat the waiters like dirt. One regular who acts like this comes in and is, as usual, obnoxious)

Regular: This glass is dirty boy. Get another

Me: Sorry about that

I go behind the bar and pretend to get another glass. As I take it over to him and his wife I ask if theyre ready to order.

Regular: Yes I’ll have a steak, medium rare

Wife: That (pointing to what she wants on the menu)

Me: OK I’ll bring your food out shortly

When their food is ready I bring it over

Regular: This is not done enough, your chef is crap

Wife: And this isnt what I ordered

Regular: Kids like you should go back to the gutter where you belong

Me: Sorry, I’ll get the head chef right on it

Again, I bring out their food when its ready.

Regular: What the hell is wrong with you people? This still isnt right!

Me: I’ll go get the chef

Regular: NO! I want the manager!

Me: He is the owner as well (I call over to the kitchen) Hey Fred, someone has a problem with your cooking

After a few seconds a figure appears at the doorway. Fred is over seven feet and as he believes in trying all his food before its served is a little well built. Plus as he has just been chopping vegetables, still has the long, sharp knife in his hand.

Fred: Sir, I have over 40 years cooking for her majesty, the Queen, all without one meal being sent back. Now if my food is good enough for her, its good enough for your scrawny neck. And I can over hear everything thats said to my staff, so the next time you open your mouth, picture me before you speak, you human question mark.

After that, no ones had any trouble from customers

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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