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(I work in one of the leading office supplies chains, which offers copy center services. This is one of the most bizarre things that I’ve ever experienced at work. Note at the time I had a line of several people, and am the only person in the copy center as we close in an hour.)

Me: *finishing up with the previous customer* Thanks for your patience, how can I help, sir?

Customer: *on cell phone, without eye contact, rudely yelling* Ron Henderson!

Me: Is that a pick up, sir?

Customer: HENDERSON.

Me: Sure.. and what are we picking up today?

Customer: HENDERSON, HENDERSON!!!! IT’S THAT OVER THERE *points to a job in our production queue, which is not his, and his would never be in that area*

Me: Oh, that’s another customer’s job waiting to be completed. Hold on a moment and I will go look for yours. It’d help me look quicker if you can let me know what you ordered. Copies, Business cards, postcards, banner, poster, that sort of detail? *smiling*

Customer: HENDERSON, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY HENDERSON!!!! *now irate and clearly not listening to a word I say*

Me: Yes Mr. Henderson. I have your name, I’d just like to know what you ordered so I can find it for you and not keep you waiting.

Customer: *screams* HENDERSON.

Me: Yes. Alright then. *turns away and looks through every order until I find his name. This takes a minute or two*


Me: *minute later* Alright Mr. Henderson, that would be the banner you ordered earlier today, right?

Customer: *rips it out of my hands, including the slip I need to charge him for it, ignoring me*

Me: *not visually phased at all* Sir, I need the slip on the envelope you have there. *slides envelope towards register*

Customer: *Tears envelope out of my hand, giving me a rather nasty paper cut between my fingers, talking to someone on the phone now* Let me finish up with this fool in front of me.

Me: *wincing in pain for a moment* Ow! …Is there a problem sir?

Customer: Yeah, any jackass can do your job, idiot.

Me: *completely straight-faced and sincere* I take pride in my work, and enjoy my job. My technical school really prepared me for it! Your total is [$$.$$]

*customer pays and leaves after pounding our pin pad*

Me:*to next customer* So sorry about the wait, but thanks for your patience today! How can I help! *smiling sincerely as usual*

I help the next customer with her copy job as usual, and we don’t mention the rude man at the time but she is extra thankful for my help. A few days later she comes in while myself and my manager are working together. She pulls aside my manager and the following exchange happens*

Nice lady: Hey, you’re the manager, right?

Manager: Yes I am! What can I help with?

Nice lady: Well, I wanted to tell you about your employee [my name] over there. There was this man the other night who was screaming at him for no reason.. But he was completely professional and handled the situation perfectly. Then without a second glance he started helping me with such a bright smile on his face.. It really made my night to see a young man who loves his job! You should give him a raise!

Manager: [My name] has a great reputation, I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me! I was already going to give him an exemplary mark when his annual review comes up!

Me: *noticing what’s going on* Thank you so much! You’ve just made my day! You have no idea how much that means to me!

We exchange pleasantries and I’m smiling for the rest of my shift. The next day I receive a compliment from our corporate office regarding another customer that had similarly nice things to say about me. It keeps me going!