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(I work at a used bookstore where we give people credit for books they bring in, then credit helps pay for the books they buy. Accounts are filed in the computer under phone numbers.)

Me: Hello, bringing books in today? What’s the phone number?

Customer: It’s xxx-xxxx

(I type this in but nothing comes up. I again in case I typed it in wrong, still nothing.)

Me: Looks like it’s not working-

Customer: Well why would it?

(Thinking she said ‘why wouldn’t it’ I ask

Me: Have you brought books in here before? Is there a another number it could be under? (Sometimes customers forget what number they put down)

Customer: Yes, I’ve brought books here before for credit. I don’t understand why you’re asking for my phone number, no one else has ever asked before.

Me: Okay, it looks like you don’t have an account then. Let me just start one for you. The phone number was xxx-xxxx, and the last name?

Customer: (Last name)

Me: Alright, and the first name?

Customer: (First name)

Me: Okay, and your address?

Customer: You know, if you don’t want to take these books and give me credit I can just take them back! I don’t understand why you need all this!!!

Me: To have an account we need to at least have your name and number.

Customer: Well you have that!

Me: Yes we do, I’ll go through your books now.