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I worked for an home appliance rental company for a short time – 4 days to be exact. My choice I just didn’t want to be getting those who could least afford it into debt.

A client rings up.

Client “I want to pay out my account”

*I hand phone to co-worker

Co-worker “You want to pay out your account?”

Client “Yes I need to know the payout figure”.

Co-worker “Ok let me have your details and I’ll pull up your account to work it out”

*Client gives details

Co-worker “There will be an additional fee as stated in your contract”.

Client “Yes I know I just want to pay the account off and never have to worry about it again”

Co-worker “Um you only have 2 payments left, I wouldn’t recommend you paying it out”.

Client “I want it paid off now”

Co-worker “Ok you have 2 payments of $30 owing and the payout fee is $100, that makes it $160”

Client “Can I send a check?”

Co-worker “Yes but you are paying $100 you don’t need to do, plus a late fee because a cheque won’t get here before this week’s payment is due.

Client “What do you mean?”

Co-worker “You are paying by direct payment now, it comes out weekly. Tomorrow and next week. Why waste $100? As well as any fees the bank will tack on for stopping the payments”

Client “So you are telling me to just keep paying it?”

Co-worker “yes”

Client “Oh ok, goodbye” *click

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