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Unfiltered | July 10, 2016

(I work in the front end as a supervisor. A customer notorious for always arguing is at the Service Desk, being assisted another employee by. She’s complaining about not being able to get a temporary card for her store credit card.)
Customer: I don’t know what y’all need my ID for, as often as I’m in here. (looks at me) I know my driver’s license number, would that help?

Me: No ma’am, we need you ID to verify your identity. It’s for your own protection.

Customer: So, you can’t just type it in and have the whole thing come up?

Me: No ma’am, we don’t keep records like that.

Customer: So I have to have my ID, to get a temp card. You can’t just type it in? I’m in here all the time. I don’t know why you need it.

Me: As I said, it’s for you’re protection. We don’t keep identity records on file.

Customer: (muttering) Don’t know why I come here, always a problem. No ID…