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Unfiltered | July 7, 2016

(I am in [Supermarket Chain] with a friend and a man is there to train a guide dog. He invites us over to see how they train them and a woman passes by staring at the dog)

Woman: That beast shouldn’t be in here! It could be infecting the bread with fleas!

Trainer: Miss this is a guard dog being trained for the [training group]. It is legal to be in here, has been checked for fleas and furthermore is not anywhere near food in the store currently. The manager at the store has allowed the dog to be in here and legally guard dogs are allowed to be in the store.

Woman: That doesn’t matter! How do you know it isn’t flea ridden

Trainer: …

(The woman slowly walks away but is staring at us)

Trainer: We get those sorts of people quite often

Me: I didn’t think people would be so insensitive about it

(The woman was clearly listening to this as she was walking away. She was still quite angry but continued to buy things in the store despite her objections!)