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Unfiltered | July 5, 2016

(I was working by myself for a bit while my co-worker was on break, I had just began ringing up a guy and his wife at the time. The husband kept eying a limited edition game in the case behind me, which happens to be Catherine.)

Me: We you lookin’ to pick up that game?

Husband: No, but what kind of is it?

Me: Its a puzzle game where you move blocks in order to ascend a tower and avoid hazards, and enemies.

Husband: Oh, well what do Catherine do in it?

Me: Well, she’s basically a succubus.

Husband: Well she can suck my dick! (HEH HEH HEH)

Wife: HEY! I’m your wife, standing right here. (slugs her husband in the arm)

Husband: Oh, uh, sorry honey.

The wife returned about a year later complaining about her divorce with her husband, and talked about switching her bank accounts to be solely in her name.

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