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Unfiltered | July 1, 2016

[This was back before the digital revolution in cameras and my brother-in-law owned a photo-lab. I’m the irritating “customer” in this story.]

Owner: One hour photo, can I help you?

Me: [with a gravelly voice to sound old] I have some old black and white negatives and I need to get some prints made.

Owner: That’s not a problem. Just bring in the ones you want printed and we can have them for you in an hour.

Me: Oh, that’s fine, but can you print them on color paper so the pictures are in color?

Owner: Um… no, it doesn’t work that way?

Me: Why not? It’s color paper, right?

Owner: Well, you see, um…

Me: [voice returning slowly to normal] And you really should learn not to take silly questions from your brother-in-law.

Owner: Hah! Well, I’ve been asked stupider things.

[I believed him. When he and I were in college, we photographed student events and then printed the raw negatives so people could see what we took and order pictures. We’d get a dozen requests from people at the edge of a negative to “print that but show more of me in the picture.” And, then, of course, I believe him more now that I read this website.]