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Unfiltered | June 30, 2016

[I work in a national arts and crafts supply store as a floor associate. Basically, it’s my job to help customers find what they need. I get a call from the cashier asking me to come help a customer, which usually means someone is being especially difficult. In this case, it’s an older gentleman who looks extremely angry.]

Me: Howdy! What can I help you with today.

Customer: *holds out a bolt of felt* “I need the stuff to make felt stick to itself.”

Me: “Well, sir, felt naturally sticks to itself. If you’re looking for a stronger bond, we have several adhesives I can recommend, though.”

Customer: “No, I want the stuff that makes felt stick to itself.”

Me: “Umm…sir, I’m not sure I understand. Felt sticks to itself naturally, without any product. Maybe if you could tell me a bit about your project, I could help you better?”

Customer: *raising his voice* “I want the product. That makes felt. Stick. To itself. Do you understand, yes or no?”

(Now thoroughly confused, I shake my head.)

Me: “No, sir, I-”

(The customer turns, throws the bolt of felt at the cash wrap, and storms out. To this day, no one in my store has any idea what product or even what kind of product he was looking for.)